Luca (2021)

Luca (2021)

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Luca 2021 Full Movie: Luca Paguro, a timid young sea monster living off the coast of the Italian city Portorosso, herds goatfish and is forbidden by his parents to approach the surface, as humans might hunt him. One day, Luca meets Alberto Scorfano, a fellow sea monster child who lives alone above the surface, claiming that his father simply isn’t around much. Alberto encourages Luca to adventure out of the ocean, showing him that sea monsters look exactly human when dry, but return to their true forms when wet. Luca follows Alberto to his hideout, where the boys connect while making and riding a makeshift, fragile Vespa. Upon discovering their son’s actions, Luca’s parents plan to send Luca to live in the deep sea with his uncle Ugo. In retaliation, Luca and Alberto run away to Portorosso to find a Vespa and travel the world.

Name: Luca
Rating: PG (Some Thematic Elements|Brief Violence|Rude Humor|Language)
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Animation, Kids & Family
Original Language: English
Director: Enrico Casarosa
Producer: Andrea Warren
Writer: Jesse Andrews, Mike Jones
Release Date (Theaters): Jun 18, 2021, Limited
Release Date (Streaming): Jun 18, 2021
Runtime: 1h 40m
Production Co: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

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